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From our kitchen


Turn your Pictures folder into a beautiful Photography Website!

Photog! generates beautiful photography websites with chronologically sorted images. You can see it in action at Super Formosa Photography.

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Django/Jinja template indenter

Our most popular project on GitHub; a fully automatic template indenter that works with mixed HTML, CSS, and Javascript templates that contain Django or Jinja template tags.

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With LEGO® Technic™ you can build anything

…as long as it’s red, yellow or blue. This idiosyncratic website was designed and built by Return to the Source and features bold colors and funky geometry.

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The CMS that powers all our websites

A versatile CMS that replaces the standard Django views with sections. The distribution of sections over pages is left to the content editor rather than the programmer. Maximum freedom for end users!

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Print your thesis online

We developed a custom print webshop with many unique features: server-side PDF processing, dynamic price calculation and a notification system for new orders.

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The rough edge of Den Bosch

RAUWKOST is an art and music festival in the roughest parts of Den Bosch. The website developed by Return to the Source features a sleek design and various filters to narrow down the available performances of the festival.


IA Launcher

Play all of the Internet Archive’s MS-DOS games offline!

IA Launcher is a graphical games launcher for all those georgeous MS-DOS games from yestermillenium. It uses the Internet Archive to download games on-the-fly and DOSBox to play them.

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De Dialoog

Art expo in Museum Slager

For the art exposition “De Dialoog” a number of old computers were refurbished and installed with a tradional Windows 95 interface.



Personality analysis of your selfies

TypeMatch performs a personality analysis of a selfie with, then determines how good of a match you really are. Featuring face-detection, personality classification using machine learning, and animated GIFs!



Virtual learning environment for mathematics and statistics

Autodidact implements “Blended Learning”: step-by-step digital instructions crafted by math teachers of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Source code

Sociale Sportschool

Bootcamps on wheelchairs

“The social gym” combines healthy exercise with social responsibility: young sporters and elderly people go on fitness bootcamps together where they use wheelchairs as exercise equipment. Return to the Source created both the website and the booking system.


Mijn Den Bosch

Help build the future of Den Bosch

Mijn Den Bosch is a social-political project with the goal to connect citizens with their local government. People are encouraged to mobilize their communities and let their visions and ideas be heard.


Photo Server

Elegant and reliable photoserver for city games

Photo Server is a server application used by the mobile games company Elibom for use in their GPS citygames.

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